Public Relations & Communication/ Communication studies


The study of the maintenance of a public image by a company or some organisation and of how to communicate information effectively.


Career description


  • Write press releases and prepare information for the media;
  • Respond to information requests from the media;
  • Help clients communicate effectively with the public;
  • Help maintain their organization’s corporate image and identity;
  • Draft speeches and arrange interviews for an organization’s top executives.  
  • Jobs directly related to the qualification
  • Marketing Intern
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Journalist
  • Customer Relations Officer
  • Research Intern







Fred Cook, Matthew Harrington, Stephanie Cutter, Elliot Schrage




Public Relations Cases by Jerry A. Hendrix, Darrell Hayes


Strategic Planning for Public Relations by Ronald D. Smith



Bursary Opportunities

Volkswagen Bursaries, Department of Tourism, ESKOM,