Investment Management


An investment manager is a person or organization that makes investments in portfolios of securities on behalf of clients, in accordance with the investment objectives and parameters defined by these clients. <Investopedia>



Career description

Investment Managers do the following tasks:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Investment Broker
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Analyst, investments
  • Analyst, money market
  • Analyst, securities
  • Assistant Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Cost Financial Analyst
  • Economic Analyst, Financial Services
  • Finance and Commercial Affairs Analyst
  • Financial Analysis Consultant;jsessionid=7E96F5BE66DD6D8B9260AC266FF51762.imnav4?area=11326&lang=eng&noc=1112&province=46&action=final&




Warren Buffet, Charles E. Merrill, Michael Bloomberg, JP Morgan, Investec, Bill Gates, Richard Branson.


Bursary Opportunities

Coronation Fund Managers, Nedbank Bursaries Programme, FNB Bursaries Programme, National Bursaries Programme, ABSA Bursaries Programme, StanLib Bursaries Programme, IDC.